Statement on Being Charged with Crimes against Military Junta

Today I’ve learned that the junta has order me charged with crimes along with six other people after the protest campaign last Saturday.

Allow me, first of all, to clarify that I did not attend the protest as a member of any group. I intended to go there so I can take a stance and ask for general elections, observe the event and ask for proper investigation on Gen. Prawit’s corruption case. However, when I was at the protest, I felt the need to speak something to people for a short amount of time and it was totally unplanned. I never posted that I would attend the protest on my page on Facebook. I never knew there would be another protest on February 10 and I haven’t even considered joining yet.

But if it was wrong for citizens to question what the authorities do with the taxes we paid and if asking or question out loud could get us in trouble, then I don’t think that we should let this kind of people rules our country. My generation will have to suffer the consequences of this government’s dishonesty and corruption. Therefore, I can not let that happen. Being bullied by the authorities this time does not fear me. At least I did something meaningful for our country. It honestly makes me proud to be one of the alleged activists. It was a pleasure to serve our country as a good citizen.

Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal