Gene Sharp Books for Thai Democracy

Gene Sharp (1928 – 2018) was one of the greatest strategists of our time. He inspired activists and people around the world to use non-violent resistance effectively, which result in the collapse of many dictators in many places.

Two decades ago, in Thailand, many academics cited him and his books were popular. However, it has been declining even the last coup happened; his ideas were not being discussed much in academic or activist circles; Unsurprisingly coincidence with the decline of activist forces and democracy movement in Thailand.  

Sam Nak Nisit Sam Yan Publishing acknowledged the importance of Gene Sharp’s ideas; therefore we aim to publicize him, translate his books for ‘wider audience’ or so-called ‘common people’ rather than in academic circles. Thai people have much to learn from him to prepare themselves against the next possibly coup and resist the government still under the army influences in their daily lives.

We are now fundraising, calling for donations aiming to distribute Gene Sharp books as wide as possible. In the minimum objective,e we wish to distribute 5000 books in every title.  

Translated Books