Statement on Being Charged with Crimes against Military Junta (Second Time)

I just got accused of participating in the wrongful protest along with 42 people by the junta. The protest took place on February 10. To be honest, as a pro-democracy amateur writer, I only went there to sell my new books which I think they will contribute some benefit to democratic movement. I did nothing wrong in any common sense, and every expression is the rights of the people to reflect the problems that happen in their country. As a citizen of this country, I have the rights to do so. Being accused by the junta which is dishonest and corrupt is by no means, not anything but only honour to me, who has been its victim and its rightful opponent. For this decline time of the Junta, I have nothing more to say to my fellow Thai citizens but only one quote from one of the U.S. former presidents, Franklin D. Roosevelt : “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

PS. This picture was taken by my friend on that day. I was giving the roses, which I received from some protesters, to the police who had been ordered to observe and take care of the protest. I would like to clarify that the others and I may be here for different reasons but surely not because of our hatred. We came here as citizens who love our country and it is the rights of everybody to do so. Government has to serve people, not vice versa.